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Growing a business is difficult enough,
renting an office space shouldn't be.

executive office space

At Business Suites of Columbia our eighteen fully-furnished full service Class A executive offices afford you all the benefits of a full service office without the capital investment that a commercial space requires. Our full service office packages allow you to:

  • Focus solely on your business.
    At Business Suites of Columbia you will have at your fingertips a skilled support staff, the latest office technology and state of the art office amenities without some of the more time consuming and unprofitable expenses, commitments and ongoing hassles of office fitout, equipment purchases, office maintenance, office management, staffing, upgrades, cleaning, utilities, security and similar.
  • Give your business the look and feel of a professional and established office.
    At Business Suites of Columbia you and your guests are met with an attractively decorated reception and waiting area that is staffed with a friendly, professional and skilled receptionist who will not only greet your guests and answer your calls but assist you with everything from coffee to copies.
  • Have flexibility with your lease commitment.
    At Business Suites of Columbia you can grow or contract your business as needed. Commercial office leases typically require a three to five year commitment with little or no ability to downsize or expand. Business Suites of Columbia affords you the luxury of pursuing a shorter term lease.
  • Have one fixed cost.
    At Business Suites of Columbia you can remove the large capital investment and down payment typically required with leasing a commercial office space. Our all-inclusive full service office packages start at just $800 per month and can save you between 35% - 50% what you would pay to lease, furnish and equip office space on your own giving you cash flow for other, more pressing business items.

Business Suites of Columbia's full service office packages are perfect for:

  • Small and medium sized businesses that want to cut costs and yet remain flexible in an ever changing business climate.
  • Those who are starting a new business or growing a home-based business.
  • Those who desire supportive business services without wanting to hire a full time staff.
  • Those who need to establish a presence in the Baltimore/Washington Corridor but are headquartered elsewhere.

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